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 Doing something you love for a living is a privilege like no other… 

someone like me...

April 17, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I was just thinking about how much I love looking at Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook and any other site that displays the art of lifestyle portraiture.  I like looking at all the trends that come about or how different parts of the country specialize in a certain type of portraiture and how some areas would never have a demographic that has a need for the same thing.  

It inspires me to say the very least.  

Other local photographers inspire me as well.  We all are sort of the same...but we do have our own style. We all run our businesses differently.  But in this crazy world we shoot in...everybody knows or knows of everyone else.  I love networking with other photographers and sharing ideas.  Let's face it...there are more subjects to shoot than photographers.  But the good thing here is when you believe in another person's ethic...and integrity. It doesn't feel like competition at all.  I for one am fortunate to lean on my friends for help. I have referred jobs to them. I have gotten calls to work along side of these talented people at weddings and functions.  

I want to say Thank you to all the pros out there who have lended me a hand...and ear or a piece of advice. Thank you to those who trusted me with their treasured clients and shared your time...talent and ideas. And a special thank you to those rising talents who pick my brain and admire my work. 

xoxoxoxo to my favorite gals...and guy.

Thank you for teaching me to water my lawn instead of climbing the fence. 


cocktails and dreams

April 16, 2012  •  1 Comment


Remember that movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise? Love story of O.K. it was about an over achieving bartender who falls in love with a rich girl. Anyway the back story has nothing to do with what I am trying to say here.  

I am in the midst of having a logo created. I have a very talented artist on the job and I am very excited to see the finished product.  I tried to think about what kind of logo would best represent the business I have created...that people would look at and could identify with Kellyanne Adams Photography in turn really just be associating the logo with me...are you following? 

I thought of cute...think butterflies and hearts, I am not warm and fuzzy like that. 

I thought of swirls and a really cool font, too fancy for me.

Then I thought I am a mom a plain old, pony tail wearing...tee shirt and sweats, driving a minivan kinda chick.

When I showed my idea to my incredibly talented artist...he ran with it.  

I would like to present the newest logo in the world of logos...


Cute...huh! I want to thank the very talented Alex Mostovyk for this awesome logo. And as it turns out...swirly font...not that fancy. 

So back to the whole Cocktail thing...Remember his simple neon sign hanging in his bar window?  Cocktails and Dreams...

Having my own business...meeting great people and learning so much everyday is pretty much my Cocktails and Dreams...only in sweat pants and a pony tail. 


all dressed up...

April 13, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

OMG!!! I just finished editing pre-prom photos. It was awesome! It's so cool to see kids you see walking around the neighborhood, who work in the corner stores and who went to pre-school with your kid all cleaned up and dressed to kill. OK a tux is just a tux but when you are used to seeing gym shorts with boxers hanging's a treat.  

The ladies...well. It amazes me how they go all out. Hair. Make-up. Dresses that trump some people's wedding dresses.  

I went to the senior prom in a pink puffy number. It was awful. I loved it. I had to have it. I think it cost like 99 dollars. The dresses the girls had on tonight were in the ball park of $400. 00 and up. 

Next week my daughter is going to her senior prom.  Her dress is expensive...It's at the ball room at the Ben. She and her friends will ride to the prom in a trolley.  It all adds up, believe me. But in the end I think she will have the time of her life.  And to me and her daddy that's all that matters. 

So here's to all prom goers every where. Enjoy your night. dance till your feet hurt and be safe! 

These are the times of your life!!!!



April 12, 2012  •  1 Comment

Confessions...Do you think if you could confess something in public...say on facebook and remain anonymous would you do it? 


I just read an article about a woman who has a blog and a facebook page and she had a "confession" day. As it turns out, a lot of her followers confessions were about cheating on a spouse and other really non-mom-like things. This woman has a blog about being a stay at home mom and she thought the confessions would be about people getting away from the grocery store with a case of water on the bottom of their shopping carts or admit to letting their kids watch the Simpsons or something. 

So what would you confess if you had the chance? 

No questions asked?

Don't tell me I don't want the burden of knowing anyone's

But really...lets get back to people confessing on a facebook blog to a mom who's status are about getting puke stains out of her shirt. It's like desperate housewives! 




National sibling day...

April 11, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Today is national siblings day...Hallmark will think of anything to sell a card...Geez!

So on this very important day, that only comes once a year...

 I just wanted to say that without my two sisters and my two sisters in law , I would be a hot mess. I know that I could call any one of these women and they would come to my rescue...lead a therapy session or make me laugh until I cry. Well,  actually I wouldn't cry...o.k. laugh until I peed my pants. 

Being sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within a family...and as we grow, it's probably the strongest relationship within a family. (clearly we have a lot of growing up to do.) We are not always easy on each other...but that is the way it goes with sisters.  There is competition. There are roles each of us fall into and I want to thank the good Lord above that they allow me to be the messy, by the seat of my pants sister, because if any of you acted like this I would be pissed. 

I am so very thankful to have the greatest (FREE) marketing team, assistants and prop creators any gal could ask for in this world. 

Thank you for your endless support...babysitting...picture bitchin'...and staying out of my way when I need that too. 

Soooo...Love to you all and for all of you I am grateful. 

Now go and make your facebook status about me since I have middle child syndrome! 

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